The countdown is on!

In true Canadian spirit, the X90X crew will seek to do what no one has done before. The team, which consists of four individuals from both north and south of the border, will be the first to attempt to traverse the unforgiving, remote terrain of Antarctica using a hybrid vehicle. The engine powering the X90X crew’s journey uses technology developed by Edmonton-based Airworks Compressors Corp. Darryl Weflen, president of Airworks, is the leader of the expedition – which will ultimately take the crew through conditions used by NASA to simulate the harsh environment of Mars. The technology has less extreme applications, too: whether you’re a bus driver or heavy-goods hauler, any technology proven in the most extreme conditions on earth could make short work of Canada’s winters.


In addition to being the first hybrid vehicle to attempt this feat, the expedition is also primed to break new ground by being the first Canadian-led driving expedition to reach the South Pole.


The team’s name is an homage to both the final destination – the South Pole – and to the numerous expeditions that came before and ultimately shaped the country we know today. From successfully navigating the Northwest Passage, to designing and deploying Canada’s greatest contribution to space exploration, the Canadarm, X90X is poised to be Canada’s next great adventure.



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